Flaming Feathers Review-22nd March Barn Theatre, Cirencester

The hostesses will treat anyone well

The Flaming Feathers Presented Burlesque to an appreciative audience…
The Flaming Feathers are a Bristol based troupe of Burlesque dancers. Boasting a wonderful array of artistes, the audience can indulge their eyes in the flesh of toned and buxom ladies without worrying the wife will find out, because quite honestly, it will probably have been her idea to go.

Holly and Sandi “Great night!”

The live singing was wonderfully choreographed and the vocals were delivered by Alice Maria Sparey, with lipstick wonderfully accenting her dress. Having the toughest job of the night, the host Muriel Lavender was presented as a Poetrix, though also had to break the ice. Rather than softening up the audience, she stoked up their “lady wood” with winks and inuendo. Once that was done, with delight she fanned the flames with her vintage equipment (a fan). Apparently she is the pope in her spare time, and indeed Muriel had more balls than the men in the audience this night, with adorable poetry about how young kids should pick up their rubbish and wear belts. This inoffensive poem had once caused offence to a man who had come to see breasts, not have his time wasted with verse.

Troupe leader GoldieLox was professional and glamorous throughout, along with the rest of the girls. Miss Dolly Rose, a wonderful soloist flirted with the audience popping many balloons and blood vessels on the way.

Sarah and Rachael “Will come back”

With a large variety of styles covered, by the end of the night some were as drunk on caberet as wine. Despite having a large amount of people in the audience, the girls did their best to mingle after the show and get to know the people who’d come to see them for the first time.

The Flaming Feathers will be back in Cirencester, and when they do come, you’ll hear it here!

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