Zane Meldere Article No.2: Why women should lift weights

Zane Meldere: Personal Trainer

Counter your intuition

Most women wouldn’t want a six pack, maybe something a little less intense, a flat stomach? It’s a noble goal. However, it’s amazing that people with no orientation or experience in exercise would probably think to achieve this goal, dieting/starving and running are the solution. Intuition often comes from your past experiences, and if you have no experience of exercise, you will get quite stuck. In fact, reducing your calories may be the last thing you want to do. Why? Because the highest contributor to increasing your metabolism is digestion. Digestion of high fibre and high protein sources, which aid muscle growth, will build a tighter body.

Strategy: Playing the Long Game

Diet alone is not enough. Lifting weights may indeed not have a handy calorie counter, and in fact would not burn as many calories during the period of exercise an hour’s running would, but it has two key advantages. Your calories will be burnt for 24 hours after lifting weights whilst running’s impact stops almost instantly, weights are also supportive of your ligaments and joints opposed to running. It’s a bit like the difference between earning money in a job, and accumulating interest with savings. There is an instant impact with cardio or clocking on, but as soon as you stop the activity the effect is lost. There comes a point where the steady weight lifting strategy compounds its results beyond the small amount of time spent exercising. This is called the after “burn effect”.

So, why do Women not do it Already?

There are many preconceptions about weight training and body building in both the female and male world. However, one of the biggest reasons ladies would feel uncomfortable weight training is the belief 1: it leads to a masculine form, and 2: they are not welcome in the free weights zone.

Of course, men are not always the best communicators, and being in a gym can seem an unfriendly environment. You may think people can sense your insecurity, but in reality they probably have no idea you have your eye on a piece of equipment. A personal trainer can help you build your confidence in how to approach the gym and make best use of its facilities.

Other Advantages

Lifting weights will increase a ladies everyday strength and posture whilst making them leaner even if they weigh the same. With that, osteoporosis which mostly affects women can be avoided with weight training and the diet that goes with it. The combined effects of these two forces counteract the western problem of Type II diabetes.

Stress reduction is also a key problem in today’s living. Cortisol is a hormone that causes feelings of stress and fat accumulation. Good exercise and diet can counteract it. With that, the body’s response to insulin can be increased through a better diet and training method. Eating for weight lifting usually means a reduction in carbs especially low quality ones, which are a huge contributor to insulin spikes and sugar lows.

Client hard at work

Zane’s client Allison used to only run, but after a year’s training is more flexible, stronger, and has a more feminine form. She recommends weight training to any woman.

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