Zombie Run at the RAU!

Some of the gang assembled at the RAU Gym!

The Zombie Run craze comes to Cirencester! The Halloween special will be at the R.A.U and MacKenzies on Wednesday 30th October!

Last year the Royal Ag College played host to the first zombie run in Cirencester! David Long, personal trainer at the onsite gym no doubt sick of every holiday being associated with sugary treats, decided to stamp his trainer upon the notion Halloween has to be a pig out. A zombie run was put together where members of the gym as well as the general public were allowed to set up a course through the grounds and play!

45 runners turned up, and this year it is looking even better!

Zombies got right into the spirit and in this horribly fun version of tag those players that were caught and lost their three lives became zombies! A Darwinist game allowed only the fastest and smartest to survive to the end.

This year the fun will be repeated, but this time a party at MacKenzies afterwards will be in full swing from 8pm to 2am. The event will be free entry with fancy dress and the best costumes stand to win prizes! Proceeds from the night will go to charity and special drinks themed drinks will be on sale!

For more info contact David Long at Cross Fit Cirencester or Alex Wager at Mackenzies!

More Info:
David Long: gym@rau.ac.uk
Alex Wager: alexwager@mackenzies.co.uk

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