Andrew Lawrence “There is no Escape” review, Sundial Theatre, 27th September 2013

With Phil Jupitus coming to the Sundial on the 18th October, Evan Burgess takes a look back on the last big name to come through Cirencester…

Regularly on Radio 4, many times on TV, Andrew Lawrence is developing nicely as a personality in British comedy. Touring extensively through the UK and also Dublin, we met Andrew well into his September schedule. The Sundial had a knowledgeable comedy audience and were more than receptive to the stars act!

The first half was full on banter, destroying members of the audience with personal digs and ritual humiliation, you’d have thought this would serve as a bad advert for sitting at the front! But by the second half, all the tables by the stage had filled up with eager punters ready to talk back. Even with his particular style of getting to know the audience, one guy had been to see him four times before. After a brief chat about what a good gig the last one had been (if he said so himself) the second half went on!

With his negative and twisted view of the world, the audience was lead through a path of (hilarious) despair. What’s wrong with the world today? Andrew brought his list and was keen to get all the way through it. The humour was often in the recognition, but often his peeves were deeply personal. We all went away the wiser knowing that Andrew has very few guests to his house because he can’t stand people (even good friends) using his loo. Why? He didn’t really know, but claimed to be more than prepared to hide behind his sofa than let in a mate. You know, just in case.

Drawing to the end of the show, we didn’t quite get an encore, Andrew couldn’t be bothered to leave the stage and come back on so just ploughed through until he couldn’t take it anymore. Though not glamorous his method was effective. The applause was intense and next time Andrew is in town it won’t just be one person who’s seen him before!

The next big show at the Sundial will be with Phil Jupitus on the 19th October! Buy tickets online here!

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