Art in Cirencester 2: Faisal Khouja


 Faisal Khouja is an artist based in Cirencester. Working with multiple mediums of expression, he has achieved a great deal of diversity in his work. Originally focusing on more abstract work, someone dared to say this was because people do that kind of thing only if they can’t draw! To prove a point, Faisal delivered a beautifully rendered portrait of the man’s dog, which not only won the argument, but added a new feather to his already crowded cap.

Q. 1. When you do original art, what was the motivation?
I started doing Artwork in earnest as a form of therapy during a long period of ill health where I was looking for a creative outlet to help in my recovery. I got totally hooked on mixing paint and thinking about how to harmonize shapes, lines and colours to create original work.
Q. 2. Has your commission work helped your original material?
Yes, the detailed portraits I have done for the past 10 years or so have really helped hone my skills as a draughtsman and also provided me with an income to plough back into my own more exciting projects.
Q. 3. How do you feel presenting your work to a customer for the first time?
In the early years I was terrified due to my perfectionist streak. One word of criticism would crush me. Nowadays I enjoy presenting an artwork to a client as their reaction is likely to be really postitive which makes all the hours at the drawing board worthwhile.

Q. 4. What was the biggest mile post in your career so far? (exhibition, commission etc)
Unfortunately I am yet to make a really significant breakthrough in the Artworld that I could count as a milepost as such. However all the effort I have put into my career so far is resulting in my style becoming more commercial so that the chance of earning a decent living from my passion is getting closer by the day!
To find out more about Faisal and his work, visit any of his online presence here:

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