Within 60: Svea Cafe and Restaurant, Cheltenham

Smörgås Platter
In our new section about things to do and places to visit within 60 miles of Cirencester, we look at Cheltenaham’s Swedish restaurant Svea, which has recently been admitted into the prestigious Michelin Guide…

In this cosy little boutique on Rodney

Road, Svea is a rather different proposition from the norm. Swedish food whilst not as famous as many other nations, is known for being straight forward, honest and natural. Homemade meals are much more common in Scandinavia than the UK and this restaurant brings you into the heart of Nordic life.

By the famous bike handing out cakes!
Sweden wasn´t always one country. Svea was just the middle bit radiating out from Stockholm, which eventually consumed the battling regions around the Baltic. Svea gave this country it´s name, Sverige, meaning the kingdom of Svea. Despite losing territory, this name stuck giving us modern Sweden. With fish abundant and farming producing lots of egg and meat, the clearly defined seasons also left an impact on the nation’s palette which may be enjoyed at Svea.

Sticking with Swedish custom, Svea picks some of its produce locally going on mushroom and berry expeditions. The drink on sale however is typical of what you´d find back home! With a draught beer on tap and a wide selection of spirits, you almost want it to be winter as you come into the friendly diner and warm up with schnapps or vodka.

The ever popular Smörgåsbord has always provided a diverse and tasty selection for the customer. Crayfish parties go down well, but even more than that the set meals are well presented and go down a treat with any of the beverages on sale.

Puddings on offer are typical of Sweden, made to be enjoyed with a coffee or herbal tea after a few courses. With a charming niche, if you are a fan of Wallander, Millenium, The Bridge, Borgen or any of the other books and series that have brought focus on Nordic life, pop into Svea for the real thing!

To keep up to date online with Svea, visit their pages here or book by phone:
01242 238 134

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