Writers in the Brewery 31st October-Spooky Tails to be Told!

The autumn has crept in, and what else might be creeping tonight in town?..

The new book…
In the centre of a dark and perhaps paranormal Cirencester tonight, local author Wilkie Martin will be performing a reading at the Brewery Arts Theatre alongside other local writers. Being Halloween, Wilkie’s supernatural series of books are set in a town not completely dissimilar to Cirencester. See if you can spot any references!

The New Brewery Arts hosts the event where many students from its creative writing course showcase their original work.

Many of the attendees of the creative writing course recently read their work at the Cheltenham Literature festival earlier this month. The course is ran by Rona Laycock, who has a PHD in English and works hard to make the experience fun and sharing for optimum learning and enrichment.
Feel welcome to the open and diverse atmosphere tonight from 19:00 with an entry fee of £4. Perhaps one day soon you will be reading your work!

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