Ridgeway Mindful Psychology Brings Mindfulness Course and Taster Session to Cirencester.

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Lizzie Cambray, a chartered counselling psychologist has a great deal of experience with bringing the benefits of mindfulness to people of all walks of life. The course fee of £250 shouldn’t be off putting as if you are able, referrals are possible that give bursaries and some may be referred by their doctor. Mindfulness stems from ancient eastern meditation techniques, yet is non-aligned to any religious orginisation and is accessible to all. If you wish to improve the quality of life, become more efficient and even cope with severe physical or mental trauma, mindfulness may help.
A taster session will take place on the 9th December at the Ashcroft Centre in Cirencester at 4pm. 15 places are available though some have already been taken by those keen to find out more. This taster session gives people some information, and a “felt sense”, of what the 8 week course will involve.

Starting on Weds 5 Feb, 7 – 9 pm, the 8 once-a-week sessions, and the home practices in between, will give participants time to learn mindfulness skills.  (There is also a lunchtime course running in Swindon beginning on 6 Feb).These skills will enhance their day to day lives through many beneficial manifestations such as reduced stress, improved temperament, calmness and counteracting some of the symptons of mental illness.

Mindfulness can’t change what has happened, but it can lead to a more positive frame to view that which has gone by and what may occur in the future. Ongoing problems can often be alleviated by the fact that first the entrant will learn to notice what is going on in his or her internal and external world, and then begin  to accept what has occurred. This alone can often lead to real insight. Just noticing things in this way means taking a tiny step away from difficulties, facilitating a subtle shift in experience, which reduces suffering.

Even people who don’t have severe problems find that mindfulness boosts already productive behaviour. Many business are booking some of their employees onto mindfulness courses which correlates with reduced absenteeism, increased production, enhanced creativity and reduced stress.

If you wish to find out more about the Ridgeway Mindfulness course in Cirencester, details are listed below. You will need to download their application form from their website, or pick one up at a Taster Session. A £50 deposit should be paid to register on the course and the balance should be paid 3 weeks in advance of the course start date.

For further details:

07941 841174

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