Old Town Comedy Club @ Suju, Swindon, Nov 7th with Zoe Lyons

Why not go to the next show?

Evan Burgess investigated the charms of Old Towns slickest comedy club…

The old town Comedy club has had an array of great comics come through since its inception. With a price tag of only £6 advance and £9 on the door, seeing three high quality comics and a great host was clearly a good deal.

Nish Kumar started the night with great energy and all the appropriate crowd skills and banter you’d expect of a compere. Able to improvise fast and build the audience up for the acts, Nish was a safe pair of hands.

First up was Romesh Ranganathan, seen often on Channel 4 recently as a guest on panel shows and performing his act. Solid and raw comedy, Romesh could say things others couldn’t get away with with a deadpan and self deprecating manner.

Pete Teckman was on next, and after crowd banter where “Fanuary” was invented by an audience member jealous of Movember, Pete gave us a cooly delivered set which was rude but never offensive. Enjoyable and self aware, it’s clear why Pete was booked for this night, he could keep the audiences attention.

Headliner Zoe Lyons was a clear draw, as many of the audience seemed to know her and her temperament well. The response to her material was strong, and no one seemed to want her set to end. End it did however. Nish came back onstage to complete the night with an announcement tickets were on sale for the next show on December 5th.  If the crowd knew what was good for them, they should have taken up the offer!

The next show is Thurs Dec 5th, more details can be found here!

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