Brewery Blues Review: The Curious Little Big Band Dec 13th 2013

The Curious Little Big Band
Evan Burgess reviewed Friday 13th’s gig at the Brewery Arts Theatre, bad luck? Not at all…
With a well earned reputation for lively and entertaining gigs, the Brewery Blues was to host yet another stormer for the local population’s consumption. With a sold out show the audience was treated to a varied and delightful group of performers, starting with an a cappella choir Prima Donnas. With versatile foreign language songs, the group also left us with a Christmas feeling by adding in a few carols. Enjoyed by all, they made way for the next act which was quite a contrast.

Rosie Blackallar played the keyboard proficiently accompanied by dynamic bass player Henry Blackallar and neat drumming from Andy Hughes. A mixture of covers and originals, the singing was well honed and the overall effect of the music was warm and inviting. The keyboard and bass worked well together to create a sound bigger than three individuals. Finishing on an uplifting note with a cover of Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac, the audience were finding it hard not to get up and dance.

Rosie Blackallar

Following Rosie was the last ever gig by band The Blues Grinders. Doing what you’d expect of such a name, people were more than welcoming to the fun loving and well known band’s solid beats and tight phrasing. Brewery Blues promoter John Drummond got on the mic for some all out blues numbers. Charming and crowd pleasing, the band did a great job and left the audience wanting more.

To finish the night, headliners The Curious Little Big Band were yet again completely different to any act so far on the bill. With a line up of rich instrumentation and colourful attire, the singing stood out as top notch with sometimes four band members providing full overtones. Lead singer Miles was not going to waste time being shy, and held eye contact with almost everyone in the room throughout the show. Clearly excited to be on stage, the band were determined to have fun. Polished and full of surprises, every part worked and added something to the show without anybody being overshadowed. With a magnificent rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, it’s clear that it will take a lot of beating for the Brewery Blues to find a more entertaining set of performers.

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