Pancast Poductions Are Busy Documenting Culture, We Found Out More…

Neil and Pavo

Pancast Poductions is a locally based duo of podcasters, Pavo and Neil, who are currently taking the area by storm with their relaxed and informal interviews of local people of interest and even those from further afield.

With a large bank of past interviews, the two formats are “Movie Heaven” and “Live @ the Shed”. Having fun is the key component that makes the podcasts accessible and enjoyable. We caught up with Pancast Poductions in order to find out how things have been going for the local lads!

1. How long have you been going with your interviews, and so far which one has garnered the most attention?
We’ve been going since April this year. The podcast that had the most interest worldwide was with Mike Beckingham Simon Pegg’s brother.

2. How much thinking do you put into making the interviews before you do them, or is it more spontaneous?
We like to go into interviews with hardly any preparation so we are genuinely interested in the answers to the questions.

3. Which people would you like to interview that no one would believe you could get in?
Simon Pegg, Harrison Ford and Paul McCartney.

4. How have you found social media’s ability to spread the word?
Social media is a necessity. It helps tell everyone in the world what is going on and to gain access to the podcasts.

5. What is the most exciting project you’re working on right now?
Our next live show at the vaults on Tues 17th Dec. Also we have plans for our 1st Anniversary in April and ideas for new podcasts.

To find out more about Pancast, visit them online!

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