The Importance of Post Workout Meals with Zane Bokmeldere

Food and exercise must be combined for optimal results.
Personal Trainer Zane Bokmeldere outlines the benefits of choosing the right foods to support your health and fitness targets…
I have noticed that with many of my clients and acquaintances there is a reluctance to see the benefit of eating soon after exercise. Most comments are something like “What is the point spending and hour to burn calories just to put them back on again right after?”
Delicious and nutritious!
My response would be the use of a metaphor. Imagine having a maxed out £1000 credit card where your normal eating represents just the interest repayment. If you never put back more than the interest you will never pay off the principle of the credit card and always be at least £1000 in debt. By not eating enough after exertion, you are essentially trying to buy things on a maxed out card! You will end up in greater debt and bigger problems then when you started. When training your muscles vigorously they become depleted of nutrients and in fact are broken down. The only way to repair the micro tears that training causes is for fresh nutrients to replenish what was used. The right way to put it back is with a nutritionally balanced post workout meal designed for muscle recovery like the lovely pancakes pictured.

In the long term, if you don’t eat in a supportive manner, your immune system will weaken and your fat loss goals will slow down or even come to a complete halt. Physical bankruptcy! Remember a simple rule, the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the more calories burnt whilst at rest. To achieve this you must eat properly. Do not starve your muscles if you strive to gain a lean and toned physique.

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Zane in competition.
Pancake mix: 70g gluten free oats 1tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp stevia, 1/2 scoop whey protein best vanilla or cinnamon flavor or add cinnamon to the mix
1 egg white
3-4 Egg whites
blueberries Milk+water Mix all dry ingredients then slowly add water and milk until you reach even semi thick mix, add blueberries on top and layer with scrambled egg whites. Will make 2 pancakes.

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