O’Shea and O’Gaukroger Sundial Theatre Show Friday 24th Nov

Up and coming comedy duo O’Shea & O’Gaukroger came to the Sundial Theatre for a high tempo sketch show. The original duo from Devon delighted the audience with their characters, role play and banter. Some of the characters were quite menacingly odd, but less so than Pappa Lazarou in the League of Gentlemen. Talking gummy bears and women playing eastern Europeans with beards wasn’t something I’d expected, but the segues into improv were seamless and enjoyable.
As with any character show, you will need to get to know the roles and they did well considering most people would have been introduced to an array of new characters in one night.

The duo are worth seeing when they’re next in town and the Sundial Theatre has some great events coming up. The next big comedy show is Susan Calman on the 15thNov which I will definitely be checking out, but don’t miss Iolo Williams on the 28th November, doing a wildlife talk based on his native Wales.
To find out more about the act and book tickets to future Sundial Theatre shows follow the links below:

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