Cirencester College: Loserville 10/12/14

Evan Burgess checked out the young casts slick production…

The Cirencester College performing arts students put on a musical show with great stage design, lighting and sound. This retro comedy set in 1971 tells the tale of Michael Dork, who is named appropriately for his social status. Trying to build a network between computers, he sees himself beaten back at every turn by those who want his idea or just don’t like seeing him succeed. Played by Sam Stafford, the character isn’t a natural communicator. The comedy and friction comes from his need to rely on others to reach his goals when he is banned from the computer room. Usually matters turn farcical as soon as he opens his mouth.

We find the glamorous and sweet voiced Joely Barbour playing Michael’s love interest, and (suspend your disbelief) chief geek. Will she however be able to withstand the testosterone filled advances of bad boy Eddie, whose idea of a gift is giving girls pictures of himself? We can only hope the good in human nature comes out when the jocks and cheerleaders fall for peer pressure and stick a wedge between the geeks friendship.

The version of the show I saw was good fun and full of claps and cheers as the audience congratulated the cast on each number. As with most theatre shows at this level, there were a few more girls to make up the numbers than boys. This lead to no doubt stylish ladies Olivia Raeburn and Lucy Soanes playing creepy and respectively geeky guys. It wasn’t without a cheeky glint in their eyes when they convincingly delivered laddish behaviour to their roles.

Shockingly we discover that amongst the crowd of cheerleaders is a secret geek. Chloe Smith did a good job playing both cheerleader and competition winning nerd Samantha, who falls for dashing dungeons and dragons player, Marvin. Brad Clark who played the role did a good job convincing us of Marvin’s love of sci-fi, sporting some very trendy tartan trousers.

Though it isn’t possible to name everyone’s good work, the spirit of the show was bright and bouncy throughout. The team effort will no doubt stand the students in good stead for future endeavours.

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