Brewery Jazz Review 27th March 2015 Kings Head Vaulted Cellar Lounge

Full of atmosphere.
Evan Burgess reviewed the new monthly Jazz night at The Kings Head

Something new began in a humble cellar right off the market place. With recent talk of underground tunnels going through the whole of the town centre, being down in the lounge let the public’s imagination run wild. The neat and polished bar was an idyllic locale for music. Jazz was the style that brought about 100 people into the well seated hall. Table service meant people didn’t have to get up every time they wanted drinks. They could instead enjoy the slick and smooth music coming from a band of well drilled professionals.

John Law sat behind his array of instruments. His piano and keyboards were beautifully ornamental over Will Harris’ fine double bass playing. Italian drummer Paolo Adamo displayed an uncanny ability to master all playing techniques needed to drive the intricate melodies along.

A show containing these three individuals would have been a draw, but bringing with him a bold melodic layer saxophonist Andy Sheppard took the role of figurehead for the diverse and evocative music. The music was often demure before swelling into an unexpected new realm. No better example of this was when the group merged into Nick Drake’s ‘Riverman”, a wonderfully haunting song from late 60s album Five Leaves Left. The instrumentation made the tune familiar yet distant until Sheppard’s melodies brought home the vocal line in a timbre as beautiful as the original voice.

The quality of the music was something Cirencester will look forward to as Brewery Jazz carries on alongside Brewery Blues into the coming year.
Be sure to check out the next show with Jake McMurchie on Friday 24 April, tickets can be reserved by ringing 01285 700900.

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