Travel the World as an English Language Teacher for as little as £195 training…

Szekszard’s famous wine museum.

Would you like to work abroad as an English teacher for as little as £195? Evan Burgess found out more.

Have you wondered what it would be like to work in a different field or find a profession where living abroad is a realistic option? How about studying two of those weeks in a highly regarded wine county?

Discover firsthand how to teach English where the occident and orient collide. In this Trinity College London course, you will find yourself studying for two out of five weeks in Hungary.   LT&D based in Witney run an Erasmus Plus partnered course that gives intensive training over 5 weeks. After that, the student is able to work as an English teacher all around the world, but also in the UK, where demand is steady for learning in the country.

A tribute to the grape in Tolna County
Osijek’s Catholic church on a day trip

LT&D’s course runs for three weeks in Witney and two weeks in a town in southern Hungary called Szekszard. 1 and a ½ hours from Budapest and near the Serbian and Croatian borders, the town is an idyllic wine producing hotbed. In Hungary teaching candidates are given opportunities to work in a local classroom as a part of their observation process. This first hand opportunity is of great value in applying for work afterwards and forging bonds with the local teaching staff.

Budapest by Night

The course is currently operating with Erasmus Plus funding in alignment with the E.U, which allows the course fees to be drastically reduced. Flights to Hungary are included in the fee. Candidates ideally will have a degree and some familiarity with language, be it native or foreign. Grammar and phonetics are a part of the course that will quite likely develop new skills for the candidate. If accepted on the course it is best to do some reading up on these subjects to help prepare for the intense nature of study.

Art from Osijek in Croatia, just 80 miles from Szekszard
No need to fight over a slice with these pizzas

Usually there is time to take in the culture of Hungary whilst on location, be sure to enjoy the cheap and friendly nightlife. A good pizza can be as little as £5 in a stylish restaurant with a glass of wine in a night club can be as little as £1.50. Do not worry about cutting back too much when abroad and enjoy the intense but greatly developmental experience!
For more details contact LT&D:

Address: Windrush Court, 56A High Street, Witney OX28 6ET

Telephone: 01993 708637

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