New Cafe/Restaurant Toro Lounge Opens in Cirencester

Tasteful fun at the international table

With a free bar to celebrate opening, Toro Lounge in Cricklade Street impressed a vast throng of locals on its first night…

Toro Lounge endeared itself to the local foodies with a packed opening night showcasing a well decorated interior with an expansive balcony.


The food on offer was well presented and enjoyed by the diverse crowd. Reasonable prices mean that Toro Lounge has something for everyone. Friendly staff worked hard to provide intricate cocktails which on a warm night were very welcome.

The Falafel burger was tasty and the accompanying fries were a little out of the ordinary with a rustic flavour. The tapas menu was

French Enjoying Stella

popular with the new comers and allowed for people to easily share and tuck into their favourite items.

Cocktails on offer included the usual mojitos, but some had been devised in house. Open until 11pm, this central eatery is an idea place to start a night

out. The view from the balcony is illuminating as there aren’t many other public views from the angle Toro Lounge provides. Definitely a place worth dining at, we can heartily recommend this growing chain.

Toro Lounge is located next to Monsoon in Cricklade Street.

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