Light Blue Cube on display at the Pop Up Gallery

Light Blue Cube is the brain child of locally based Canadian artist Lorenz Freiberg, and well worth checking out on a rainy day, Evan Burgess found out more…

Lorenz with some exquisite pieces

Light Blue Cube Ceramics Studio is exhibiting at New Brewery Arts’ Pop Up Gallery. The exhibition, titled elements, has delicately refined ceramic pieces on display. Most pieces represent one of the four elements, but there are exceptions, such as a popular ceramic puma. Already in its first week, Lorenz Freiberg, the artist behind the studio, has found Cirencester to be full of art lovers.

A good use of space in the small studio

Freiberg, a Canadian national, has other beautiful wildlife in his art such as bears and birds. These hand-made pieces are available to see in person until Sunday 21st June. Whilst some of the art is ornamental, other pieces are quite useable day to day. In particular the ceramic light shades, which offer a fiery glow when the bulb is on.
Puma decorative piece
There are often features in the art that might not be noticed with just a short glance. Fossil outlines are designed into some of the ceramic pieces , when in others faces erupt from the wall as lifelike visages oversee the exhibition. Pointing to one of them, Lorenz states with a smile, “I can’t hang this in my house because it scares my wife”, indeed it is a rather potent work which would be as at home in a chic cafe or a bohemian study.
If you would like to find out more, pop into the Pop Up Gallery before the 21st or visit Lorenz’s website, www.lightbluecube.co.uk Both commissions and original work are available, and what better way of decorating your home than supporting a locally based artist.
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Some faces wrought of clay

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