Cotswold Show 2015

Zero Gravity bike team

A diverse selection of attractions came to Cirencester Park for the Cotswold Show…

Of all the things I had expected to see at the Cotswold Show, a pug running an agility course was not one of them. However, the limber hound managed to perform with impressive discipline, scaling an 8 foot high a-frame and jumping over obstacles like a thoroughbred horse.

With a broad selection of food, crafts and exhibitions, the Cotswold show was busy through rain or shine. Mostly the sun came out and provided a much appreciated summer ambiance. Despite the rain, the atmosphere stayed welcoming and engaging.

A bike stunt team put on an excellent show in one of the enclosures. Hopping from 7ft onto a cardboard cup was one thing, but when the cup was between the announcers legs, an added element of risk was thrown in. Not happy with just that, one of the riders took their front wheel off to pull some stunts on an improvised unicycle. Why not?

Other more conventional, yet endearing, displays were exemplified by Butt’s Farm Rarebreeds. Piglets, a mule and lots of other animals were a hit with all ages. In the adjacent tent large bulls, goats and lambs were making friends with the crowd.

Well taught archery experiences by Birds Hill Days

Though animal centric, there were plenty of activities to take part in. I tried my hand at archery and .22 rifle shooting. The rifle range was easy to use and enjoyable, ran by Regency Rifles. The archery on the other hand was harder for me to master, but explained well. It was odd to trust my body to stand in the correct stance and ignore where the arrow was pointing. Guided by one of the instructors, the counter intuitive nature of the skill was coached patiently. For £4, I improved a great deal from the beginning to end of the experience.

Next year won’t arrive too soon! For more information on the covered parts of the show, visit their websites.

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