Relax and Learn French with Club Des Amis at Le Beaujolais

Thom Keen tries Club Des Amis, photo L. Kittel

 Leilani Kittel and Thom Keen discovered the perfect way to keep their French skills up…

Centrally located Le Beaujolais is the monthly host to Cirencester’s premiere French club, Club Des Amis. Occuring on the last Tuesday of every month, November’s meeting also welcomed members of the Cirencester Twinning association. With 20 attendees, around 12 advanced speakers sat together, whilst the more entry level learners helped each other on a separate table. Creator Thomas Kidman has noted that of the 200 members, it is always a surprise regarding

Supporting each other, photo L. Kittel

which ones show up on any given meeting. This variety adds a rich melting pot of personalities and opinions, all blended together for a reasonable £12.50 that includes a two course self service meal. Drinks are extra, and dietary needs can be catered for if advanced warning is given.

Thom Keen and Leilani Kittel visted on the Cirencester Scene’s behalf, and discovered a club full of friendly members.  With the bar opening at 19:00, there is plenty of time to mingle and introduce yourself if you are a new comer. At 20:00 food serving begins, and often during this time items of French media are happily swapped in a trusting exchange. Every attendee receives a free copy of ‘Ici Londres’, a British based French language publication.

Free magazine and lovely food! Photo L. Kittel
If you are interested in France, learning French at school or just curious about the experience, January’s meeting will be on Tuesday 26th. Places must be booked in advance, which can be done by contacting Le Beaujolais via phone or e-mail.

01285 644440kiean@restaurantlebeaujolais.co.uk
Le Beaujolais is located at 37 Castle St, Cirencester, GL7 1QD

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