Bespoak Interiors-Delivering Unusual Storage

Windswept Tree

Based in South Cerney, Bespoak Interiors offers something unexpected. If you have ever been bored by the conventional style of shelving, this company delivers a well presented solution. It would be rare indeed to think of a time where you have been more interested in the shelf than the book stored on it. Bespoak Interiors trigger this reaction.
In the Workshop

With shelving units in sizes that can fit in crevices, to feature pieces in a room, there will be an option for you that makes sense. The units come in the form of branches or trees. This means that depending on your needs, you can have a bespoke storage solution in your house guaranteed to get visitors talking.

Though bespoke options are available, there are set designs which are popular and practical. These can be individualised through the way the wood is treated after it is cut into shape. Some people prefer the bark to be left on, others indulge themselves in smooth edges. What suits you best? You can discover more options on the website.

Raw Material

When Bespoak Interiors began, people would collect the pieces on site. These days, all of the units can be mail ordered and the shelves are easy to self assemble. This flexibility allows the customer to have a choice over how their purchase is personalised.
You can have smooth edges like this, or keep the bark.
Dan Lee is the designer and craftsman. Having taken up a unit in South Cerney, Dan will soon have a show room that is open to guests. Make sure to keep your eyes open for developments, and pop in!

Find out more here: http://www.bespoakinteriors.co.uk

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  1. Manufacturers are getting even more creative these days with various storage solutions made available in the open market which do not look too mainstream. The idea is to attract consumers who are not allured by common designs, so the product gives them that added charisma bonus. This notion has been picked up by various brands which opt for a unique marketing approach.

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