Black Feathers-Soaked to the Bone Review

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Evan Burgess reviews the Black Feathers’ latest release. Get your copy now…

Popular Cirencester act Black Feathers have long stood out in the local music scene. This has led to them travelling far and wide before and after the release of their E.P. Strangers We Meet. Developing each time they return from their travels, the act always brings back more fans with them.

The Black Feathers are releasing a new record in February, but this time it is a long player. Titled Soaked to the Bone, it is everything you’d expect after hearing the wonderful E.P Strangers We Meet. Track one Take Me Back has all the hall marks of a Black Feathers song, with strong vocals from the beginning. The textures change throughout the piece but never reduce in quality.
Despite the first five songs having no perceivable percussion, the rhythm and clarity of the strumming make the songs crisp. Stand out track Spider and the Fly exemplifies the excellent rhythms without a full drum kit. Strings and acoustic guitar provide the back bone and drive the song forward to a degree crowds will likely stamp along to.

Down By the River is a fun and friendly country song. It reminded me somewhat of Will DeVille’s Across the Boderline in the respect the music was upbeat, but the lyrics were somewhat plaintive. With some athletic fiddle playing, it is clear why the duo have gone down well in Nashville.

Blind is another great song that has guitars reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s American album, but the vocals offer a dynamic most acts can’t recreate or compete with. It would be hard to imagine someone else playing Black Feathers songs, as they are carried by the personality of the writers. They do however have a universal appeal, so don’t be surprised to hear some tracks on a national radio station or whilst shopping over the next year.

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