Get Twice as Strong With Elite, Or Come Back From Surgery

Evan Burgess with some happy students

Grow with Elite Health andFitness  Evan Burgess gained 5kg of muscle and doubled strength, what results could you experience?

At the beginning of training with Elite I took a fitness test as a bench mark for any change. Three months later I performed the same test and saw a massive improvement. It comprised of press ups, squats, a plank position and burpees.

Press Ups-Initial Assessment: 9 3 months later: 22 Improvement: 144%
The initial press ups were humiliatingly difficult. Though I gained weight during the 3 months due to muscle, I was able to perform more than twice the amount of press ups. Chest down to the floor with no pauses.

Squats-Initial Assessment: 39 3 Months Later: 63 Improvement: 61.5%
Air squats are a good indicator of general fitness, flexibility and strength. They engage the largest muscles in the body, the legs and glutes. I did quite well in the first test, nethertheless, adding 61.5% to any exercise isn’t bad.


Plank-Initial Assessment: 1:21 3 Months Later: 3:07 Improvement: 130%
The plank position was a great improvement It shows the body’s ability to support itself. Adding over twice as much to my results, I was surprised. I must have been doing someth
ing right by training at Elite!

Able to put a program together in moments
Burpees-Initial Assessment: 13 3 Months Later: 20 Improvement: 53%
Burpees are a hard exercise involving jumping to the floor and back up again. I managed to increase my tally by 7 to 20. I made a significant improvement to my weakest exercise!

Rosie full of determination
Rosie’s Story-Coming Back From Surgery
It isn’t just strength gains that Elite can help with, Rosie came to Elite with some serious health issues that meant being able to carry her grandchildren was a victory!

At 30, I have no excuse for being out of shape. Some people however face genuinely difficult challenges. Imagine one day you are told you have cancer and need to have a part of your chest amputated. If that is bad, imagine you were told you need your intestine removed. Which one is worse? Rosie Stanley knows that it is when both things happen after another.

Rosie was forced to have a mastectomy and some years later, completely unrelated, she needed to have her intestine removed. A part of Rosie’s latimus dorsi muscle was used for reconstruction. A blow to her back strength had a large impact on her ability to do the things she wanted to do. The removal of her intestine was less noticeable, but arguably had a bigger impact on Rosie as she could eat almost nothing she had become accustomed to. Not only that, the nutritional advice she was given was hardly adequate to thrive.

The best way to spend free time, with a prowler
Finding Mac of Elite after a friend with diabetes recommended him, Rosie’s life began to open up food wise. Fresh sources of nutrients were found. This gave a regained sense of enthusiasm for Rosie, who began exercising at Elite. With a subconscious desire to protect her body after such trauma, opening up physically and mentally wasn’t a simple process. But it happened. Rosie’s consistent training is a testament to what is possible. After her stomach op, Rosie was told by doctors to eat plenty of starch and salt. This was not enjoyable or helpful. Mac found ways so eating didn’t have to be so boring anymore.

No matter your reservations about exercise due to medical or dietary issues, Elite can help. Diabetes, depression, caesarean sections and more can be helped. In some cases, the work starts outside the gym with just advice and support. Have no fear and get in touch with Mac!
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