The Daniel Billing Band-Stories Review

The Daniel Billing Band

Playing at the Vaults on March 11th, find out more about the local band’s new release…

This record was unexpected in its fluency. I had seen Daniel playing before in Chedworth and expected it to be a record that would be enjoyable and dependable. But from the beginning the recording clarity and musical dexterity of instrumental “The Mountain” overreached expectations. With a very firm grip on the beat, the stringed instruments converse with a groove somewhere between folk and rock.

Starting strong with the music doing the talking, when the vocals eventually come in on track 2, they enhance an already tight rustic timbre. The words aren’t as important as the way they’re sung, expressed with a sense of urgency that conveys more than they would on paper. There is a simplicity and a wisdom in the tones produced by the three piece.

Track 3 is more of a ballad, it could easily be the theme tune of a TV show in the same way as Handbags and Gladrags introduced The Office. “Hammers Melody” is next up and has a “What Will They do With the Drunken Sailor” style chorus that will no doubt be sung along by many an audience to come. At some point you can imagine Thor dropping in from Asgard to add a guest drum fill.

Returning to the Vaults on March 11th
My favourite track is “Sing to Me” which I am sure will be picked as a first dance song for some weddings in the future, in a similar vein to Green Day’s “Time of Your Life”. It has a timeless resonating quality about it, with such a broad appeal it would fit almost any occasion.

Though primarily folk in style, the Daniel Billing Band would work well at house parties or clubs to get people’s feet moving. There is an interesting earnest nature of the compositions, but then a somewhat surreal quality a little like Primus. You can see the band performing locally at The Vaults on the 11th March. Be sure to get your CD then!

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