The International CrossFit Games in Cirencester

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CrossFit Games in Cirencester Brings the International Sensation to our Corner of the Globe…

This Fridaythe CrossFit Games Open will take place in Cirencester thanks to CrossFit Cirencester’s gym, or “box” as it is known in the scene.  Last year 272,000 people around the world took part in the games. There is no reason to think this won’t increase in 2016! David Long, head coach at the popular club, himself recently came 8th in a European Cross Fit competition, The European Masters Throwdown. He will be keen to see his students working hard from Friday 26th until the games close on March 28th.

Interested parties are welcome to watch how the competition unfolds. CrossFit is a fitness program founded by Gregg Glassman and Lauren Jenai 16 years ago in California. It comprises of full body movements for resistance and aerobic exercise. The competition itself comprises of five workouts where an array of movements that have been taught in class are picked by CrossFit HQ to be performed within a time limit, or a certain amount of reps must be completed in a time cap.

For those who aren’t yet proficient, scaled down versions of the full exercise are given to allow all to take part. Everyone taking part in full exercise will

…a sign of accomplishment.

have their numbers crunched and put onto a database, which will reveal where they stand in their region. For the competitive this could mean the satisfaction of a top ten in the county position to brag about. For others, just taking part is a step forward.

If you want to give CrossFit a try at the multi-award winning gym, you can take part as an individual, and for the ladies, take part in ladies only sessions on Thursdays.
For more information contact David below:

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