Cirencester, Get Ready for the Front Garden Festival 2016

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Celebrating the Front Gardens of Cirencester and Surrounding Villages: May, June and July 2016
Now is the time to start thinking about joining the first ever Front Garden Festival of Cirencester and its surrounding villages.  This new and exciting horticultural festival will increase the already high level of pride displayed by many enthusiastic gardeners. 
This Festival is for you if you are lucky enough to have a public facing garden or access to a publicly visible plot that you think needs improving or even if you have a shop window that can display a planting scheme, anywhere that can be made

attractive equally for you and passersby. An interesting and lovingly crafted horticultural display can be your pride and joy when it bursts into life during late spring/early summer. With the Front Garden Festival 2016you have the opportunity and incentive to really go to town on your efforts this year.

The floral spirit
Some late-spring sunshine and an abundance of blooming front gardens is all it takes to lift the spirit and gladden the heart during a journey around Cirencester and its surrounding villages. The Front Garden Festival 2016 will run during May, June and July and getting involved could not be easier; simply send details of where your horticultural display can be seen to Cirencester Scene (info@cirencester-scene.co.uk), no names or personal details are required. You will not need to allow public access to your garden or plot; the Front Garden Festival is for horticultural displays that can be readily seen by passers-by.  The list of participating displays will be printed in Cirencester Scene so that readers can make their own personal trail of places to visit.
Which colours will you feature?
If sharing your pride and joy with others is not enough incentive to get involved, then winning one of the Front Garden Festival prizes may entice you to join in.  Prizes will be awarded to the most interesting, adventurous and beautiful displays. Details of the generous prizes will be

disclosed as the time of the Festival gets nearer.  The more entries there are the more we will all benefit!

To get the ball rolling we invite you to send in photographs of your public-facing garden or plot from previous years. These photographs will feature in Cirencester Scene between now and when the Front Garden Festival 2016 starts in May.  This is a great opportunity to show off your lovely front garden from previous years and to reflect on how it might be changed or improved for the festival.  The examples shown here typify the spirit and fun that the Front Garden Festivalis setting out to encourage and support.

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