Making Decisions by Hilary Norris-Evans

Use your mind as medicine

 In January’s issue Hilary Norris-Evans talked about why we find it hard to make decisions. In this month’s article, here are some good strategies for helping you make the best decisions. Hilary can help you with all sorts of problems with only the power of the mind. If you would rather find a natural solution to your problems, consider Hilary’s experienced help. Apply these tips to your life and see what happens!

·         Just know that your problem actually is the human condition. It’s how life is. We can never really know the future and we can’t have everything we want in life.
·         Spend some time working out the consequences of each option, checking out what values matter most to you and finding out what your gut feelings are telling you.
·         Good enough decisions are fine. Perfect decisions are rare.
·         Work out ,with a plan, how you can help yourself stick to your decision
·         Spend less time on unimportant decisions, asking yourself if this will really make a difference to your life anyway.
·         Having made a decision, stick to it and give it time to work out. If you are a worrier, to help you stop worrying, just work out  quickly, plan A, B, and C for what to do if it goes wrong and then you can stop worrying anyway
·         You can always talk through your decision with someone else to get some outside perspective.

Decisions are just that. The best option you think you can feasibly take in any situation. Stop worrying; some’ bad’ decisions are part of life’s rich pattern and may even take you in some unexpected but surprisingly happy directions. Agonising just makes you freeze. Yet again, NLP says: ‘If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something different, anything different.’ Note the ‘anything.’ We need to live life, get out of our comfort zone whilst having a routine we can fall back on, enjoy our friends and loved ones, laugh lots and stop obsessing about perfection. The perfect life just doesn’t exist, whatever others may help tell you.

Happy to help!
Hilary Norris-Evans helps you get the best out of yourself in work and personal life, using hypnotherapy, NLP, stress management, mindfulness and coaching techniques. She trains and supervises new and experienced hypnotherapists and teaches mindfulness. The next mindfulness courses start in Spring 2016. Contact her on 07887714892 or info@getmindfit.co.uk or look at her websites, www.getmindfit.co.uk or www.getmindfittraining.co.uk.

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