Get Ready for Obstacle Courses with CrossFit Cirencester…

How did I end up here?

CrossFit Cirencester is offering people the chance toprepare for obstacle runs, such as the Tough Mudder coming up in August. Learning to navigate an assault course isn’t easy, so using a competent guide with the equipment to mimic the challenges ahead is a smart choice.

Conquer Walls and Ropes
Climbing a rope is one of the hardest things to

Start on ground with dominant leg extended.
Wrap rope around inner thigh and over foot.
As children look on: With hands hanging back on rope,
pull feet up. The rope must remain wrapped around the
dominant leg in the same manner.

practice as the scale makes it hard to set this up at home. CrossFit Cirencester have two ropes that can be used to hone rope climbing drills. Not only that but the main frame’s rigging is available to get the raw skills for climbing walls and monkey bars.

With the free foot, step on the rope wrapped around the
dominant foot and stand up! Allow the rope to move through
your hands, or move one hand at a time.

One of the best way to get over a wall is using a muscle up technique, similar to how a gymnast gets on a bar. The CrossFit muscle up can be done supported with bands, or a gym instructor! Don’t be put off if you don’t feel like you can currently support your own weight, as you will be in good hands.

Get Fit For Purpose
After learning techniques, it’s time for a work out! Explosive and dynamic movements are what is required for any obstacle course. This means that running and full body exercises help build up fitness for an obstacle course.

All this for only £5, give it a shot if you are in training for any obstacle based activity! It does afterall require the same price and time as a coffee and croissant.
The next obstacle course lesson is on April 16th at 11:00. Assure your place there by getting in touch:

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