Leon Daye Bird on a Wire Review

Leon at the Vaults, where the CD is on

Evan Burgess reviews Leon Daye’s latest offering…
Leon Daye is a stalwart of the local music scene, regularly entertaining the people of Cirencester with subtle and classy covers. Bird on a Wire is a selection of Leon Daye’s own music, which has a quality that means in a live show his own compositions seamlessly slip in with the covers. There is a mixture of tones that remind me of early R.E.M mixed with Crowded House and Dire Straits. “Hand on My Heart” has a feeling similar to a Crowded House song sang by the Squeeze.

Title track ‘Bird on a Wire’ is a lively acoustic song that has great vocals and instrumentation. With

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some nice hand clapping, the song has a live feel. ‘The Perfect Girl’ is a ballad that has a calm and relaxing quality. Sang and played brilliantly, when performed live the vocals are of just as crisp as on the recording.

The record is available from the Vaults in Cirencester, and also from the man himself. If you are keen to get a copy, pop down to a Leon Daye gig or get in touch via www.leondaye.comOnly £5 it is worth every penny! If you need a musician, don’t hesitate to book Leon too. If you’re on Spotify or iTunes or Amazon you can also stream/buy the songs. From the sale of each EP £1 goes towards the Phoenix Festival!
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