10 Ways to Improve Your Exercise Accountability with Mac From Elite Health & Fitness

“There is not one size that fits all, different stimulus and practices will
hit the mark with different people.”

 Following on from last months article about sleep, find out how to make things work in your favour when you start improving your life.

Take a multi-pronged approach, find out more about keeping to your goals with Mac from Elite.

Use these 10 ways to improve your exercise accountability…

1. Hire Someone to Hold you Accountable – This is the most effective method at helping hold yourself accountable, measuring results and achieving those results. We have busy lives and let someone else take the pain of creating your programme and plan over the time frame required to achieve your goals.

2. Sign Up for a Competition – There’s nothing like an “I’ve got to be fit by X date” mind-set to get you moving.

3. Put Something on the Line – Try handing over cash to a family member or friend, and then earn it back by achieving your fitness goals! Or bet something else if you’re shot on funds. You can put anything on the line; it doesn’t just have to be money. For example, you could bet on housework, babysitting, tickets to the movies etc. “Find something that motivates you to help you achieve your goals.”

4. Share Your Goals on Social Media – Telling people and sharing your workout plan with social media before it happens can help you stick to the plan. The night before a gym session or a run send out a tweet or Facebook post that says “tabata session” or “5km run in the morning, alarm set, shoes ready.” It may just help keep you accountable!

5. Make a Video Diary or Fitness Tracker – There are many apps that you can download that will help you record your food and exercise. This is a must for keeping yourself accountable and motivated. It shows results and that the programme is working!

6. Enjoy Your Own Rewards Program – Create a workout log and have a reward attached to hitting a certain goal, be it losing 10 pounds or lifting a certain weight or achieving a number of sets in a certain time. To celebrate, buy yourself some new fitness threads, killer bike, or splurge and go on a bucket list trip.

7. Take Photos Every Week – The number on the scale can be deceiving, but a photo of how you look in your underpants or your favourite dress will not lie.

8. Do it for a Reason – Being self-motivated is hard – so how about sweating for donations to your favourite charity? You become accountable to the people who give you money, the people who are cheering you on, and most importantly, the people you are trying to help. Try signing up for a charity run or enlisting to do a tough mudder for the MS Society.

9. Sign a Contract – Sit down by yourself, or with a friend, and write down what your workouts will entail, how often you’ll compete them, and possibly your end goal. Whether or not you tie rewards or consequences to the contract, simply making your goals official will help you feel accountable.

10. The Multi-Pronged Approach – “Introduce multiple accountability strategies listed above to make sure you stay on track” says Mac at Elite. “There is not one size that fits all,

Be inspired by attending…

different stimulus and practices will hit the mark with different people. Choose mediums that get real results not just aimless action.”
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