Somewhere Else Running Club, Breaking PB’s and Toning Legs

Lunges, the glamorous way to improve your running!
Photo Becky Heal.

The Somewhere Else running club meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. The club offers a very cheap way of keeping fit and meeting fellow running enthusiasts. With a large group of members, if you were new to the town it wouldn’t take long to feel at home in Cirencester!

Coach Matt Lambourne has been tasked with upping the fitness levels and making a packet of training that will allow those of all levels to take part. Like any interest, you can’t just run to get better at running. To that end, on Wednesdays there

A bit of fresh air and some high vis never hurt.
Photo Becky Heal

is all round fitness session. Short sharp exercises are undertaken to build up speed and stamina for the longer distances. This type of training gives a foundation for improvement that can be measured on the regular 10km runs made on Monday evenings.

To take part in these enjoyable group activities, check the website www.runningsomewhereelse.comand drop an e-mail! At £35 for the year, you will not regret the value on offer.

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