The Resilience Effect with Hilary Norris-Evans

Hilary Norris-Evans

The Resilience Effect 
A skilled therapist, language teacher and eternal student, what can you learn with Hilary?

The trend nowadays is away from stress management and towards emotional intelligence, mindfulness and self hypnosis, which is likely to result in employees and employers and people in general developing a greater level of resilience both emotionally, mentally and physically. This makes them less prone to stress.

Should employers be bothered?

Yes, because, if it can be proven that they didn’t take reasonable care to protect employees from the effects of stress they face potential litigation. The floodgates opened after the famous Walker versus Northumberland case, when John Walker successfully sued his employer and secured a payout of over £200,000. Health and Safety law dictates that employers are required to have a duty of care to take all ‘reasonable’ steps to help all employees manage and control stress. According to the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive, employers who can demonstrate they have a scheme in place to manage stress are far less likely to be sued.

Effective resilience building programmes engage the participants in a presentation/discussion about stress, how it occurs and how mindfulness and resilience building can work. Stress is part of life and we need to learn to be aware of it in ourselves and others and use preventative measures before it holds us in its grip. A typical approach would be a combination of Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Mindfulness, solution focused hypnotic and cognitive therapy techniques, so ideally you are looking for a practitioner who is trained, qualified and experienced in all these areas.

Hilary trains the next generation of therapists and speaks internationally in companies and to her colleagues; her last workshop was on anxiety states in Birmingham and

she will be running a workshop on Problem Gambling in Ireland soon. 

Fall Awake to your Potential
Hilary Norris-Evans helps individuals and organisations empower themselves and resolve issues using methods and ideology from all the areas she is qualified and experienced in: Hypnosis, CBT, Mindfulness, Resilience Building, Consultancyand Emotional Intelligence. Contact her for a free short presentation to your management team on how she can best help you and/or your company move forward effectively. www.getmindfit.co.uk, 07887714892, getmindfit@hotmail.com.

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