Get Wet With Elite! Prepare Yourself for Tough Mudder August 20th-21st

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So you’ve been going to the gym for yonks and wondering why you’re lifting metal and running on a machine… Then you try an obstacle and realise all those years of abstract practice count for nothing! Why? Because no one has been covering you in mud and ice water! Evan Burgess tried out a Tough Mudder training session.

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Elite are raising money for charity whilst teaching you how to make obstacles easier… by getting you tougher! At £8 a session, you’re just a panini and latte away from readiness. Helping MS and developing yourself is noble in anyone’s book.  Maybe you won’t be doing Tough Mudder this August, but if you’re in the military, a fireman, a cat burglar or a human, obstacle courses are fun! They challenge your mind and body. If you work in an office they will make you move in ways you might not have utilised since you were in the playground.

Build your confidence!

Don’t let the kids have all the fun! 

On my first tough mudder session, we had people good at different things. I found running easier whilst jumping a bit harder, whilst our female companion put us all to shame with her pull ups and monkey bars! The master of jumps Damien, made short work of Chesterton’s wood blocks. It will take me a while to get to grips with this skill, but there is still six sessions before the 21st to make a break through! A lot of the obstacle navigation is psychological. I knew I was capable of jumping over the logs, but I hadn’t got used to the motion so blocked myself. This kind of issue is easy to work on in training, and I am sure once you try a session your weaknesses will be ironed out too!

Find out more from Elite owner Mac about what you’re in for with a mud run!

Why do Tough Mudder? Contemplates Mac… 

Some people have an affinity to man skirts and big logs. Are you one of them?

 ·       “You will have loads of fun – You’ll end up in a ridiculous amount of mud from head to toe and forget about anything else. Let’s be honest, six miles of tarmac pounding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Drop the roads for the trails and add in some form of obstacle every kilometre and it’s not so boring.

·        It’s a great day out with friends – It’s difficult to run a traditional running race with friends, as you don’t need friends to complete it and there may be different ability levels across the group. With an obstacle race it’s completely different.

Firstly, you will need help along the way to get over the walls and complete various tasks, so having some mates handy is pretty useful.

Get honed in your rope climbing, water ready to be thrown if you mess up!

Secondly, the obstacles level out the abilities a little. One friend may be a better runner whilst the other could be a pull up junky. Together you can help each other through it.

·        You will have some legendary stories to tell at the end, whether it’s the artic enema, ice bath the crawl through cry-baby, or finishing with the legendary electric curtains at the end.

·        The achievement – You will get no greater feeling of achievement as this course is tough and there are obstacles you will face that look impossible, but you will conquer them.

·        The people are awesome. You will get to meet a wide variety of people who will go out of their way to help. Tough Mudder is a legion and everyone swears to help his or her fellow comrades.

·        It’s not about the time! – There is no time limit or race time for you to complete the course. This is for fun and the experience. It’s the event for the athlete and every day person looking to push their boundaries.

·        It’s all about the headband. You get different colour headbands for each number range you do and collecting them is addictive and a challenge in itself. I am happy to be going for number 7 in Tough Mudder Cirencester on the 21st Aug 2016.

·        Tough Mudder has come to Cirencester – It is on your doorstep, how convenient, no excuses.”

On a final note, Mac adds: Preparing for these events is key to making sure you get the best out of the day and at Elitewe have put on outdoor training every Sunday at 11am meeting at the Elitestudio in Chesterton lane. All are welcome. Want to take part but have no team? – Join us on Sunday 21st Aug and our team name is Ciren EliteMudders.”


Everything will be fine!

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