Learn the Guitar to Perform

Sam and Jake play guitar to entertain the passers by. An impressed dog looks on.

Before they got there, the nerves didn’t go away… But 30 Minutes in there were no regrets.

Sam and Jake had never tried busking before. But after learning guitar with Evan Burgess they were persuaded to put their techniques into practice. This would not be in front of a friendly crowd either. It would be one of the most nerve wracking endeavours possible. Standing in front of an audience is a great fear of many, but that is nothing compared to busking. Busking means going into an environment where you are not in control. You don’t know who will pass, or who will give you money. But Evan was confident the boys would make some money.

After half an hour, the boys had made just under £10 each. Equipped with the knowledge that they could make money from their music, there is nothing to stop the boys trying it out again. If you want to learn guitar for fun or to perform, contact Evan Burgess on entslrs@gmail.comor call 07901 634 748. Lessons start at £15 per hour.

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