More on Mindfulness with Hilary Norris-Evans

Hilary Norris-Evans
More on Mindfulness Hilary is a locally based therapist skilled in many areas, particularly hypnotherapy and nowadays a well respected trainer of hypnotherapists! Always looking to refine her skills, Hilary is a font of knowledge and there to help you.

Did you know you can change areas of your brain by practising mindfulness regularly? Studies show that areas of your brain responsible for relaxation, compassion, positive thinking and well being increase in density in those who meditate regularly, while the areas responsible for sadness, anxiety and stress decrease in density. The same applies to practising self hypnosis.

Here are 3 ways to be more mindful without anyone even knowing. Just taking a few moments every so often to bring mindfulness into your everyday life could be so worthwhile.

 1 When you receive a phone notification, consciously decide to leave it in your pocket or bag. You are the one in control and you can look at it when you want and pay full attention to the person you are with. It is much kinder and more polite too.

2 When you are waiting, say for a kettle to boil, at the traffic lights or your computer to start, bring yourself fully into the moment, rather than wanting to hurry things along. Just notice what is happening.

3 Make a simple change. If you often have the radio on in your car, drive with a CD or silence instead. If you always watch the news at ten o’clock, change to another time or watch something else instead. Be mindful of habits that fill your life up and make a conscious effort to break some of them.

Hilary Norris-Evans offers Mindfulness Classes. The next one starts in September. Contact Hilary on 07887714892 or getmindfit@hotmail.comfor information about Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Easibirthing, hypnotic coaching or NLP or if you’d like a free initial presentation for your company team or club or even an initial free consultation for you individually. I help you and your work team resolve your issues, bond and reach your full potential, using hypnotherapy, mindfulness, coaching and NLP.  http://www.getmindfit.co.uk

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