Disney Actress and Hedkandi Singer Run Acting and Singing Workshop 18th Aug

Having a nice time in Ciren’s Costa, Jennifer and Livvy will
love running a workshop for your kids!

18th Aug Disney Actress and Talented Singer Run Workshop for Kids in Cirencester!

If your children are keen on acting and music, then on August 18th a special workshop is running for 10-18 year olds in Cirencester.

Jennifer Veal (pictured left) has a popular Youtube channel and is known from Disney’s “Jessie” and “The Descendants”. Having started acting at 9, she met Livvy at Sylvia Young Theatre School. Together, they will put on an intense and high quality workshop!

Disney actress Jennifer Veal will deliver 1 1/2 hours devoted to acting, whilst singer Livvy Nicole will provide 1 1/2 hours of singing and song composition. But first, there will be a 1 hour Q&A for parents and kids wanting to know some top tips for pursuing their goals. That means four hours of great fun and learning!

If you want to find out more, visit this link: https://jenniferveal.com/product/acting-singing-workshop-tickets/

Check out Jennifer’s fun video from last week, and Livvy’s luscious vocals on the following links:
Jennifer invites you!
Livvy Nicole sings Poison.

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