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Looking after yourself the Danish way

Listening to the radio just recently, I heard an interesting interview about  the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ ( pronounced ‘hooga’ ) , which means being kind to yourself, having a nice time, not punishing or denying yourself anything or being cosy. This may seem  a touch hedonistic to some of you ; however,  I don’t  think it means over indulging in drink or whatever but placing the emphasis on being kind to yourself and others. Lit candles feature largely , meaning it is fine to continue this through the Winter months. It comes from a Norwegian word meaning well being and  sounds a little like ‘hug’ so comfort and feeling secure come in to this. 

Perhaps it means cosiness of the soul and it has alot to do with getting the right work/life balance which  many of us find  difficult to achieve with our days full of worry and hurry. Electronic media seems to imply to some that we are never off duty. Carl Honore who wrote ’ In praise of slow,’ maintains that the modern world’s addiction to speed is eroding health, wealth, productivity and the quality of life. So take some time to slow down, learn Mindfulness with me or even self hypnosis. Mindfulness fits in well with this concept of well being as part of it is about slowing down, taking time to be in the moment , not wishing things were otherwise, learning to take notice of life as it is and not worrying, that is, being in the future or regretting , that is living in the past , but living fully in the present and embracing it fully.

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Hilary Norris-Evans

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