Discover Change in Action with Elite Health and Fitness Client Lorriane

Lorraine is now two months into her training.

Coming from a point of high blood pressure and engrained eating habits, Lorraine has lost 12kg during her time at Elite. Find out about her experience training and living the Elitelifestyle!

What was the hardest thing you have come through since you began training?

Because the training is tailored, it wasn’t ‘hard’ as such. Conquering sugar cravings was challenging, but I used Elite’s symptom checker that keeps track of progress. I’ve had an awakening to how damaging the food I fuelled my body with was. It also explains why other weight loss programs had a temporary effect. The nutritional support made the detox process bearable, although hard. I now recognise sugar cravings and how to deal with them.

What are the day to day changes you have noticed?

Alongside training I followed the nutrition plan to the word, having a huge effect on my daily life. My meals are planned a week in advance, I’m so organised. You wouldn’t believe the time it saves. The combination of diet and training must be contributing to the improvement in my sleep- I’m generally awake before the alarm! With the weight and inches I’ve lost, I’ve gone down a couple of dress sizes. My clothes fit better and I feel more comfortable. Changes creep up on you-nothing happens overnight. Getting out of the car and running up stairs without losing breath are easier now.

Are there any stand out moments that illustrate how you have changed?

A couple. At my second review they double checked my measurements as it was astounding. I lost 17 inches from my bust, waist and hips!

When I bought a sack of dog food the assistant asked if I needed help carrying.  I replied “No thanks!” thinking nothing of it. When I got to the car I looked at the weight. It was 12kg (26lb). That’s the weight I lost so far! I wouldn’t walk around with that sack all day, but I may as well have been as little as two months ago!

Prepped for battle.
Where are you now with your targets?  Do they feel more obtainable?

My initial target was the hike next summer (90 miles in Northern Sweden). It’s still my ultimate goal. But I set mini goals each week and find what motivates me. It can be something simple that others take for granted, like standing jumps onto a step. I’ve realised small things come together to build strength.

Am I going to manage the hike? I don’t know, but I know I’m training at the place that gives me the best chance of it.

Can you relate the training to improving your life outside of the gym? Building resolve for example.

Absolutely.  I wish I could bottle the feeling of achievement at the end of each session to give out! Even if I am not the fittest, I am in there working day by day to improve. I am doing the best thing for myself, and probably the best thing for my family too! 

What is the most fun you have had in a session?

Using the punch bags.  Even at the end of a session everyone enjoys getting the gloves on and giving it everything they’ve got.  I love seeing the enthusiasm that gets thrown into the bags.  Once someone starts laughing in the studio it’s infectious – we are all in it together and bizarrely the boxing kicks that off.

What pushes you the most?

The desire to maintain good health and to be capable of doing anything I want.   When you are surrounded by the team at Elite staying healthy and developing your fitness becomes the norm – it’s a way of life. 

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