From Kilamanjaro to K2 Ticket Winner Announced

Daisy and friend.

 Congratulations to our competition winner, Daisy Alban-Jones of Hardcastles Cirencester!

Daisy has won two tickets to see Jake Meyer´s hair raising talk, from Kilamjaro to K2. The talk is on Thursday 20th Oct at Westonbirt school. Tickets are still available through http://wwtw.nutickets.com/kili2k2 so be sure to sign up! 

The clock is ticking! Get your tickets.

Time is running out. The tickets were kindly donated by Cotswold Barristers.

Find out more about Jake here: http://www.jakemeyer.co.uk/

3 comments on “From Kilamanjaro to K2 Ticket Winner Announced

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