Enjoy Christmas Crafts! December Workshops at New Brewery Arts

A past event at New Brewery Arts saw everyone
make awesome stars! What will you do?

New Brewery Arts is running some wonderful workshops to get you ready for the season.

If you want to make your yuletide more unique and homely, there is no better way than making your own Christmas decorations. At only £25 for a two hour session, you may well save money by decorating things yourself. Not only that, a craft is for life, not just for Christmas! So if you have time to make it down to an evening lesson on the Mondays before Christmas, make sure you do!

Relaxing, friendly and creative, it is the perfect way to wind down after a day at work. And of course, these courses can be taken with friends and family!

There are more courses to be relished at New Brewery Arts this December, including Stone Carving with Ann Margreth Bohl, Calligraphy to make your cards stand out, as well as Turning Pots if you want to give someone a nice mug for their morning coffee!

To find out more about these events, visit http://www.newbreweryarts.org.uk/workshops/and gain an insight into what is in store!

Don’t forget, with nothing makes a better present than helping someone improve them self! New Year courses are ready to be booked should you spy something you wish to give as a Christmas gift that creates memories and connections.

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