Cirencester Grapplers: Exercise, Skills and Variety

Keep fit and learn skills.

Coming to Cirencester is a great new opportunity to learn or practice grappling.  
With some high quality instructors and open mats, you can experience first-hand what your body is really capable of. Based on skill, strategy and technique, you do not have to be incredibly strong to be a good grappler, or risk injuring your body.

Friendly to all comers, Cirencester Grapplers will work with people at their level. For someone who has not grappled before, they will not be thrown into the deep end, but spend a lot of their first times doing shadow work, allowing them to build the confidence to “roll” with someone. This means the grappling starts on the knees or via crouching, so you do not need to worry about being thrown and landing awkwardly.

This is a great opportunity for people who have also studied martial arts who wish to enrich their repertoire and learn what it is like when facing a resisting opponent. Though there will be no striking, when someone feels ready, they can practice submission based wrestling and discover just how much skill is involved.

The club is inspired in the tradition of Catch as Catch Can, where almost no equipment is needed, but an amazing array body movement can be enjoyed.

People of all sizes and genders can grapple.

We will be joined by experienced grappler David Long to instruct on some lessons, and delve into techniques influenced by Judo, Greco Roman, BJJ and MMA. In January, we will have special guest coach Christopher Davis teaching Chinese Pushing Hands.

Great for coordination, dexterity and conditioning, grappling is a perfect side pursuit for security guards, police and rugby players. Even the England Rugby team have drilled Judo, as the subtle art of off balancing and controlling a resisting opponent has many uses. However, what is fascinating about grappling is the way it builds inner confidence and reduces the likelihood of coming to blows with someone in a violent encounter.

To find out more, e-mail Evan@cirencester-scene.co.uk or check out the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CirencesterGrapplers/.
Training is at 10:30 Sundays at CrossFit Cirencester, Unit 15 Elliot Road. Don’t miss this Sunday’s open mat! If you have a gi, you can bring it, but all that is needed is shorts and a t-shirt/rash guard. Drop ins are fine.

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