Rekindle Business Networking: The ‘I’ Series (Article 7) with Virginia Stourton

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THE ‘I’SERIES (Article7)
By Virginia Stourton, Rekindle


You have a different type of passenger who has boarded your train and you know instinctively that this is an addition that is good.

Before we look at this situation more closely it has been said that lots of things are free now and that your train should follow suit.

If there is one thing that will get me off your train it is this sentiment about giveaways.

I have a hobby horse and I never miss a chance to ride it over my alarm at this sort of trading. Having been in business for forty years I have some experience of the dangers when things are not paid for.

The NHS and the Church of England are both victims. The interior design industry suffered the same misfortune in the wake of discounting. The real results often do not appear for a long time but the damage is always the same.

In short am I pleased that you have not used this method to clearly up your game with your train. Now you may remember that the last sentence of my last article asked how you should approach your new type of passenger so that they return and bring their friends.

Well it may surprise you when I tell you that quite simply you can’t. There is no way you can ask any direct questions.Of course you can and indeed must make sure that every comfort is available.

The real way is through observation. Keeping your eyes and ears open costs you nothing. If you clog your head with things that may never happen your sensory attributes will close down.

Have you not been at a party where everything is a bit unfamiliar and you are conscious about how you are being perceived? You have then been introduced to someone only to immediately forget their name! In business thinking too much about yourself and unfounded worries that may never materialise is a sure slower of growth and alertness.

So you are going to check where your special passenger got on and off your train. You are going to look without being too obvious at the luggage they have with them. You are going to build a picture. Perhaps someone said goodbye when they boarded and perhaps another will greet their arrival. A note of the pickup car is useful too. Take a note of what book, magazine or newspaper they read.

If you let your imagination work a little you will have a lifestyle image. Once this image is apparent you know where to advertise your train service to attract more.

In a new relationship most people say a good deal about themselves in the first ten minutes (so to speak). It is only when you look back, especially if things go wrong, and you search for reasons that your subliminal will remind you that a lot was said in the early days and that you were not listening or more seriously because you did not want to listen.

We will be leaving your little train for a while as we need to put the tips we have learnt into context. Then we will return to see where the little train has travelled to.

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