Cirencester Judo Club

Coaches pose with the clubs future.

Cirencester Scene’s Evan Burgess tried out at Cirencester Judo Club

With a vibrant class of youngsters, my first Wednesday night kicked off with kids about to leave the mat. Practising their hip throws, they landed gracefully! They soon made way for the adults. Every session starts with a warm up, and if necessary guided break falls (forwards rolls, side break falls etc).

Instructed by Mark, the session was roughly half ne-waza (ground technique) and half tachi-waza (standing technique). Judo is about learning how to control people without causing injury, so jobs such as security and police would benefit.

Using the opponent’s kimono, we dictated their movement. At the end of each section, we did some randori (good natured sparring).

It was clear I had to go back. My second lesson was insightful, with coach Steve giving tips on how to practice throws. Like shadow boxing, we moved as if we held an invisible opponent. This drilled our foot work. Judo is a sport that can be won on throws or submission, which includes elbow locks and choke holds (children have different rules). No one has to do anything before they are ready, and these techniques are applied gently in the beginning.

Newcomers are recommended to come on Wednesdays, u14s 6-7.30pm and adults 7.45-9.15pm. Club staff are registered with the BJA and DBS checked. After that, Monday classes are 7-8.30pm for all 8+ years and Fridays are 7.45-9.15pm for all 8+ years. Your first session is free, then it’s just £20 for a four session trial. 
In Dorchester

Membership options are agreeable. CJC is a non-profit community organisation that can help fund purchasing a gi, the only equipment necessary to train.

Get an idea of how it works here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BnZEsh_yWg

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