Music in Cirencester: Live at the Convent Record Review

Sian and Ray work the mic.

Live at the Convent Record Review
The Black Feathers are releasing a record from a performance in the summer this year at The Convent in South Woodchester. The Cirencester band, performing at The Vaults on Tues 27th Dec, have made a reputation as a great live act. Playing abroad and across the country, things have progressed that their own songs are as well known to their audience as the covers. 

On this record, the songs such as Spider And The Fly sound as well constructed as Make you Feel My Love by Bob Dylan. The presentation of the CD is really tidy and the clarity of the sound well represents Dirty Bee Studios, who mixed and mastered the 13 track offering.

The record will be available at the Vaults performance on Tues 27th Dec, which is sadly the last live show at the Vaults before it will close down. Be sure not to miss it, and purchase your record there.
Tickets to the show are only £5 and will see support from Rob Lear. If you wish to win a copy of the CD, simply answer this question:
Which is a Black Feathers original song? Spider and the Fly or Make You Feel My Love?

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