CrossFit Cirencester: Breaking Records

Exercising the right to remain strong,
CrossFit Cirencester.

On Sunday 20th Novemeber CrossFit Cirencester put a team in for Strongest Box, (CrossFit gyms being known as boxes). The idea was simple, entrants would get their 1 rep maximum lift for either bench press, squat, deadlift, snatch or clean & jerk.

The comp saw personal records broken and also gained gym leader Disco David Long first place in one event, the clean & jerk with 135kg. He also came second in the dead lift with 250kg. “I could not fit anymore weight on my bar.”

Other notable scores were Jack Barton with a bench press of 122.5kg, Jenny with a squat of 102.5kg and clean & jerk of

60kg. Coach Andy Kewley managed a personal record of 182.5kg deadlift and Christophe Nusse Ronus with a squat of 140kg.

Though the sun is not out, Ciren’s guns still are. Check out CrossFit Cirencester here!

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