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Elite have been helping people for years through the January period. Don’t think it’s too late to start work on the new year! For some more blogs visit www.elitefit.co.uk/

Each January, roughly one in three Brits resolve to better themselves in some way. I am certain a much smaller percentage of people actually make good on those resolutions. While about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week, less than half (46%) are still on target six months later, a 2002 study found.

Check out the top New Years resolutions:

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions
Stay fit and healthy 37%
Lose weight 32%
Enjoy life to the fullest 28%
Spend less, save more 25%
Spend more time with family and friends 19%
Get organized 18%
Will not make any resolutions 16%
Learn something new/new hobby 14%
Travel More 14%
Read more 12%
Source: Nielsen

Topping the list are stay fit and healthy, weight loss and enjoying life to the fullest. In 2017, what will you choose for your health?

Take a moment and reflect on the past 5 years of your resolutions. Write down your top three for each year and see if there is a pattern emerging. Do you find issues like your health condition, stress and weight loss are topping the list for each year?

If like many this is you something needs to change this year!

One of my favourite sayings: “if you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got”

It’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm months beyond New Years’ celebrations, but not impossible. What needs to happen is change, sacrifice, planning and above all ACTION!

OK, what’s going to change? Perhaps it’s now time to seek some help in the area you most want to improve.

Many people join a gym only to be disappointed that it is way too busy at the times they want to go, or that the gym induction wait list is weeks away or that if you are left to your own devices your motivation and enthusiasm wanes after only a few weeks.

WARNING – Now I am going to give you a pitch for our services

At Elite we understand with all of the noise in people lives, demands, stresses, strains we are pulled from pillar to post. It is really hard to see the woods for the trees and we get why many fail in the quest for improved health.

From 2003 when we first opened, we’ve fine tuned our programmes and systems to guide, coach and motivate people like you. We cut through all of the noise and conflicting information. We get the mind and body where it needs to be for success.

We have home programmes, mentoring programmes and studio based programmes. These cater to your needs and budget.

At Elite Health & Fitness you don’t just get a personal trainer. Along with our team of personal trainers is a clinical nutritionist to tackle your life outside the gym. You will join us in our biggest year yet and you will be part of our successful community. We really care about each and every client and have created a lovely facility that never gets overcrowded as we limit our availability to make sure we offer the very best service. This includes an app and online support group to keep you involved and enjoying the process.

Is Elite Health & Fitness right for you? Check out the website where we are regularly updating with helpful information. If you can’t wait and want to know more before the January rush then email admin@elitefit.co.uk.We will forward the link and you will be one of the first to have a look at what we can do for you.

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