Portable MRI Scanning. Results in 2 Days!

What you can expect to see in yourself!

Twisted your knee skiing? Pulled you back lifting Christmas presents? We can help!

The Cotswold Diagnostic Clinic is a sports clinic treating all sports people from the annual egg and spoon racer to the elite athlete or performer. We also do ultrasound and MRI scanning for sports, spinal, orthopaedic and rheumatological conditions.

Scanning can help to diagnose injuries, guide recovery times and help to exclude more serious or unexpected conditions. For example, we can give an estimate of time for muscle injury recovery. It can also provide accurate guidance for treatment. Ultrasound shows moving images of soft tissue injuries, such as tendon and ligament problems, muscle strains, and plantar fasciitis. It also assesses for arthritis, lumps and bumps, and collections (e.g. a large bruise). A particular advantage is guiding local treatments for injury rehabilitation.

MRI provides a much wider view for assessing muscles and larger joints (such as the shoulder, hip,

knee and ankle. It is also particularly useful in spinal injuries, knee ligaments and bony stress reaction. Examples include anterior cruciate injuries in skiers, stress fractures in runners, and looking for joint or bone injury in severe ankle sprains.

To arrange an ultrasound or MRI scan, you will usually need a referral from your doctor, physiotherapist or other health professional. We can provide advice on the benefits of different types of scans, on what the results actually mean for you, and on whether you require an additional specialist opinion.

Sports physician Dr Mahnaz Alsharif runs the sports clinic at Cirencester Hospital. Radiologist Dr Russell Young runs ultrasound at Cirencester Hospital and MRI scanning at Cirencester Football Club starting early in 2017. Primarily we are interested in providing a more accessible expert service in the Cotswolds. For further details, see the website at www.cotswolddiagnosticclinic.co.uk. 

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