Spring Workshops at New Brewery Arts

Learning through all seasons! New Brewery Arts.
Spring Workshops at New Brewery Arts
There is a lot to be done this spring at Cirencester’s central arts centre.  Whether it is a workshop or a five week course, you can make great headway in the field of your choice.

Sticking out in February is Valentine’s Day Paper Cutting with Catherine Green.  Hone your skills with a scalpel to the level or Art Surgeon in this four hour session. Sure, you could pop into a supermarket to get a card, or you  could learn how to make your cards from scratch!
Making your own aromatherapy candle on the 18th Feb will be a great way to relax! This is an increasing return, because you not only enjoy the process but the result.

In March cushion making with Martha Van de Laan will give anyone with a sewing machine a new purpose! With details like how to do the buttons and button holes, your designs will have a solid base for future refinement.

Making a leather day bag with Jeremy and Carla Bonner is a top notch choice for those who want to house their laptop more exquisitely or approach craft from a pragmatic angle. You will truly be able to use what you make!

April sees a powerhouse month of craft touchdown. With a three day stonecarving master class, you will get exercise with your art! Less labour intensive pursuits include watercolour portrait with Mark Kelland and Silver ClayJewellery with Melanie Blake.

Don’t forget there are five week courses at New Brewery Arts and a whole host of other workshops. Even better, if you have friends or family you want to bring down, the Barrel Store offers a residential package.

Check out the complete package of courses and workshops here!

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