Brazillian Jiu Jitsu in Cirencester

Wal (far right) went on to medal at the European
championships in Lisbon a week later.
Cirencester Grapplers was lucky to have some great coaches come in to train in Cirencester. Working at CrossFit Cirencester, Waldemar Glaz helped us get to grips with escaping after being pinned. A typical session of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu entails a skill being practised, then drilled.

However there were some key issues to address for people new to BJJ, such as the differences between sport and martial jiu jitsu. Known as human chess for its intricacy, lots of rolls, flips and sweeps are used in competition that may not be so useful in a night club brawl! Check out this video for a fun demo of sport style jiu jitsu. The next week Wal won Bronze in his weight category at the European IBJJF championships!

Connor and Will (centre) are looking forward to coming back
to Ciren!
Sport BJJ with Wal
Recently Connor Heaven and Will Stone also came in to show some great techniques. These techniques, known known as “spider” and “lasso” guard, are ways in which to hold back an opponent using their sleeves. These grips are then used to unbalance and sweep an opponent onto their back. If you’re interested in finding out more about grappling in town, check out the facebook page or e-mailfor more details.

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