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Reducing the risk of road traffic accidents in cats

Many people allow their cats freedom to go outside to enjoy natural behaviours such as hunting and territory patrolling. For some, it is important that their cats can have this freedom. For others the dangers of the environment are too great and they are kept indoors. RTAs are a common cause of serious injury or death in cats.
What can we do to reduce the risk of our cat being in an accident on the road?
Neuter your cat. Unneutered (entire) cats, especially males, are more likely to roam for large distances and may cross roads, putting themselves in danger. They are also more likely to be involved in fights with other cats, which brings additional health risks.
Keeping cats indoors at night. Most RTAs occur at night (fights with other cats and wildlife are also more likely at night).
Using reflective cat collars. Always ensure a collar is ‘quick release’.
Keeping your cat in the garden. This can be achieved by using types of fencing. Owners should play with their cats to make sure they get enough exercise and  stimulation. 
Walking a cat on a harness and lead. Reward based training to accept the harness in kittenhood is easiest.
Keeping a cat indoors only. In some parts of the world the majority of cats are kept indoors. Indoor cats need extra attention to meet their exercise and stimulation needs. Alternatives for outdoor activities must be sought indoors and owners need to think carefully whether they have the time and ability to provide these.


We all want to prevent RTAs and keep our cats happy and healthy. Every cat is different and there are pros and cons of all the solutions discussed in this article.
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